Rucksacks are available in many sizes, each with a wide range of features designed to suit different purposes. In our How to Choose a Rucksack guide we will take you through the various sizes, common features and considerations you will need to make.

One of the main factors to consider when choosing a backpack or rucksack is what size rucksack / how big does it need to be. This will depend on what you plan to use if for (eg. everyday bag or a week-long trip) and how much you need to take (the bare essentials or kit for an overnight stay).

People often ask how big is a 65 litre rucksack? or how much can I fit in a 30 litre backpack? Backpacks are measured by the total capacity of all of the pockets in litres, essentially you will be able to fit in 30 litres of gear in a 30 litre backpack. This however might not mean a great deal when you are trying to decide if a rucksack is big or small enough for your needs. It is often easier to look at the actual measurements (perhaps even compare to a bag you already own) to get an idea of how big the backpack is.

The Fit
It is important that your backpack fits you correctly so you can carry it in comfort. This will depend on your build and back length (not your overall height). Most backpacks will come with adjustable back straps (bigger backpacks are also likely to have adjustable chest straps) to ensure your backpack fits securely and comfortably. If the backpack sits too low, even when adjusted, it is too big for you and vice versa.

Common Features in Branded Rucksacks
Pockets & Compartments | Hip Belt | Compression Straps | Back & Chest Straps | Pockets & Compartments | Reflective piping | Rain Cover | External Clips & Hooks | Internal Frames

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