VIP VSave Reusable Protection Face Mask – Black


VIP Vsave Protection Face Mask comes with 6 Layer Protection Technology to filter and eliminate 99.3% bacteria and 94.3% particulate matter from the air you breathe.

Superior Nose Clips built with aluminium wire with Soft plastic coating
Reusable with Gentle Wash
Bio-Contoured for Indian Faces
Sizes: Medium, Large

Dual Model to Prevent Ear-ache:
Mode 1 – A pair of soft elastic ear loops for your comfort
Mode 2 – Option of tying the mask behind your head while wearing it for long hours

6 Layer Protection Technology
1. Outer Mesh Layer
2. Spun Bonded Layer
3. Melt Blown Bacteria and Particle Filter
4. Spun Bonded Layer
5. Hygiene Protection Layer
6. Soft Knitted Layer – Anti Microbial Finish

VIP Vsave Protection Face Mask has undergone rigourous tests by GOI accredited lab.
– Bacterial filtration efficiency BFE >= 99.3% for over 3?m (micron) sized bacteria.
– Particle filtration efficiency PFE >= 94.3% for over 0.3?m (micron) size particles.
– Differential pressure test (Delta P) with < 39Pa/cm?}.
– Fluid splash resistance of Hydrostatic head test for up to 160 mmHg.