The right luggage bags are essential regardless if you’re traveling by plane, train, or automobile. Unlike suitcases of days gone by, today’s luggage offers modern features that help make the whole travel experience easier and styling for the jet-set crowd that doesn’t want to settle for a boring black bag. The last minute should be saved for saying goodbyes and not hunting for your tickets.

For your main piece of luggage bags, wheels are a must. In fact, it’s difficult to find a suitcase that doesn’t roll. Wheeled luggage bags are available from all the industry’s top brands. For even more maneuverability in all directions, consider spinner luggage which features 4 wheels instead of just 2. Wheeled luggage bags make transportation exceptionally comfortable and you don’t have to carry this heavy piece of luggage whenever you don’t have a ride.

Business travelers should look for features that help make frequent flying a little easier. Carry-on luggage bags is the best way to avoid checked bag fees that could really add up with multiple trips. Garment bags are ideal for traveling with a suit, but if you’re looking to save space, choose an upright with a built-in suiter instead of a separate bag.

Taking a family vacation? Luggage sets are the ultimate in value because they offer pieces that can be used by different family members. Smaller bags and rolling luggage can be used by the kids while mom and dad can pack their essentials in the larger checked baggage.

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