Accessorizing during winters largely comes down to owning the perfect Outerwear to meet the needs of the season while complimenting your style and clothes. Outwear such as Jackets, Sweaters and Pullovers serve a dual purpose, especially during colder periods. Being stylish will not suffice is the article is unable to keep you warm and being warm will not feel as good if you are uncomfortable with what you are wearing. This is why Sunrise Trading Co. brings to you a wide selection of brands that cumulatively provide a stunning collection of outerwear for men & women. Achieving warmth and fashion credibility has never been easier thanks to styling and bulk manufacturing from Sunrise Trading Co.

There are jackets for the ones looking for formal wear, sweaters and hoodies appease those who like to keep warm when it gets a little chilly, while winter jackets and coats can be used in cold places or when travelling to extreme conditions. The outerwear collection is also highly diverse in terms of materials providing you access to outerwear made from Cotton, Denim, Fleece, Leather, Linen, Velvet, Wool and Synthetic. The diversity in the collection also extends to the colours and patterns available within each sub-set, making the overall segment immensely rich and ready to meet the needs of any shopper.

Sunrise Trading Co. offers diverse range of products to choose from and also facility to manufacture your own designs. Sunrise Trading Co. is a leader in custom order manufacturing and supplying of branded merchandise both to retail and institutional large corporate customer needs.

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