The right gym bag will make all the difference in your workout experience. While some gym bags resemble duffels, others look like totes. Depending on the sports in which you participate, you’ll need different shapes or sizes. Many people enjoy added features to their gym bags, such as a water bottle pocket, grab handles, a shoulder strap, and large openings that make it easy to jam your stuff inside. Make sure that your gym bag is made of a tough fabric and that seams are reinforced for the best results.

Gym bags are essential for anyone who wants to stay fit, whether you are a yoga enthusiast or weight and cardiovascular trainer. Most gym bags are typically smaller and simple with one compartment that provides enough room for items such as workout cloths towel, music player and shoes. Many gym bags also have smaller zippered accessory compartments where items like wallets, keys and other small accessories can be stored. For example most yoga bags offer similar features, in addition to the added convenience of the carry-on strap for holding rolled up mat.

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